American Institute of Architects

New Practices New York exhibition

New Practices New York is a juried competition of emerging New York-based architecture studios. After developing branding, promotional materials, and a catalogue for the program, an exhibition system was devised that allowed the practices’ work to be the focal point. To this end, the primary information elements in the exhibition were slender project panels for each firm. Produced as photo prints bonded to polished acrylic sheets that were direct-printed with white ink, these panels were floated off the wall, their glossy surfaces acting as a unifying treatment within the varied firm pieces. The NPNY symbol became a pattern in the show, functioning as a structural backdrop for additional wall panels and other content. Throughout, the identifying green color associated with the branding was maintained by the use of a special paint developed to match the initial ink color. The entire ground floor space was bookended by a huge logo executed in one gray color applied in two different finishes (gloss and matte), and a floor-to-ceiling map of New York that featured discs locating each firm’s studio, places of residence, and schools.

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