Brand identity, stationery, and communication materials

The American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s) is the national trade association for the US advertising industry. The association’s activities are far-ranging and include areas such as industry leadership and guidance, government policy and advocacy, agency operations consultation, staff training and development, benefits administration, and more. Working with a pre-existing logotype, Remake developed a completely new brand architecture to support the association’s vision of a more dynamic corporate image. Through a series of workshops, communications objectives were established, resulting in a system that contrasts mercurial design elements with others that remain fixed. This counterpoint generates designs that appear unexpectedly fresh, while anchored within a consistent framework. A multi-colored prism is the most expressive element, and although its application across stationery, booklets, and digital assets is flexible, its behavior and relationship to all other design elements is codified with clarity in a detailed brand guidelines book that describes all aspects of the new brand identity.