Judd Foundation

101 Spring Street re-opening poster and notebook

Following the 3-year renovation of artist Donald Judd’s former home and studio at 101 Spring Street, the space was opened to the public for the first time. To announce the opening, a 27-inch square poster was created; one side features the 101 Spring Street elevation printed in black on silver, while the other side contains a list of all the individuals and organizations involved in the project, along with an inventory of all artifacts and artwork contained within the building. At the opening, a notebook was given away. Like the notebook produced three years earlier for the closing events, the new notebook can be read from either end, as one direction features images of 101 Spring Street, and the other contains images of Judd’s living and working areas in Texas. The 4mm chipboard covers were silkscreened in fluorescent magenta, and the core of the book contains uncoated blue pages that feature select Judd quotes.

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