We believe in clear, inspiring design with integrity and substance. Our work is rooted in critical thinking and sensitivity to context, but it is also the product of an engaged dialogue—a dialogue with our clients, and, ultimately, with their audiences. Building strong design solutions requires a constant sense of the big picture, but attention to detail is a hallmark of Remake’s work. Conceptual thinking and commitment to precision always go hand-in-hand.

Remake’s working process is at the center of our overall approach to design. Our process is built upon a series of phases wherein design is the result of discussion, research, exploration, and refinement. Looking at our work in a rational manner allows everyone to consider the best solutions to a given challenge. Often, the seeds of the design solution are present in the project from the beginning. We also advocate a holistic approach to the design process that involves our clients in the work. Whether the project is with a global consulting firm or a local arts organization, communication and understanding are key.